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Dumbbells For Gym & Home Use

  1- Spin-Lock Dumbbells  

  2- Dumbbell Handle

Looking for the best pair of dumbbells to add to your gym? Free weights are the ideal bit of home kit. These are the ones worth buying· Browse a wide selection of gym equipment & accessories at Blue Shell. If you are already familiar with the dumbbell weights you use then, we hand-picked a range of adjustable dumbbells for you to add to your home gym, if you are budget restricted you can always begin by purchasing just a couple of dumbbells.


Buy kinds of high-quality weights and weight plates
For free training with weights as well as for the chest training or squat training it is important to have several weights. Gyms often even have sets which reach from 1 – 50kg at intervals of 1 – 2.5kg. Furthermore barbell and dumbbell racks are indispensable for gyms and also many hobby athletes have sets of weights or a training bench at home.
Advantage of the training weights


Training becomes more intensive when using additional weights and dumbbells or barbells, that’s why they are such popular training accessories. Using training machines often causes disparities in various parts of the body, a problem which can sometimes be solved by training with additional weights.


Training with dumbbells is flexible
If you want to train at home or during the lunch break at work – with dumbbells you can effectively strain your muscles nearly everywhere and every time, because they can be taken easily. They can’t be compared to classical strength training equipment, because normally you don’t have the possibility to take the training equipment to another place very easy due to the weight and size of the machines.


Buy weight training equipment
If you want to train at home with your own training equipment which you can take everywhere, too, you’re right on Blue Shell. Here you can choose between a wide range of the brands and local industry weights, barbells, dumbbells and racks.You can find an equipment in just a few steps. Find and buy the desired fitness training machine with the right price. If you are interested in weights and weight plates, you can easily find a suitable goods by using our site.

Contact us and see how our line of weights can enhance your gym.

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Buy Dumbbells, Kettlebell & Bowflex Dumbbells Online
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    1- Dumbbells Dial-a-Weight
    2- Selector Pin Dumbbells

Stellar sets of adjustable dumbbells for your home gym. You don't need a whole wall full of weights with these versatile dumbbells.

Adjustable dumbbells are dumbbells that allow the user to adjust the amount of weight being lifted. Instead of needing several pairs of dumbbells. It have weights that adjust from 2 kg to 50 kg. Replaces upto to 17 sets of dumbbells cluttering your workout space; Easy-to-use.


Kettlebell sets for gyms for sale! shellegypt.com has the best selection from 5 to 50kg. We're only interested in selling the highest quality kettlebells available, extremely durable and gravity casted to ensure a much more consistent kettlebell with no rough edges & a nice flat bottom. 
Amp up your workouts & strengthen your physique using kettlebells and buy cast-iron, vinyl coated & digital kettlebells. Get the best deals & upgrade your gym or home workout gear at attractive prices with the largest online selection at Shell  store.

Our sales staff is passionate about strength and conditioning and are all highly educated on kettlebell training and its benefits.

Dumbbell Racks
• Kettlebells Racks & Storage
• Barbell Storage Racks
• Olympic Bar Storage
• Weight Plate Racks
Shop our selection of high-quality dumbbell racks and kettlebells racks from a great selection at Shell equipment store. Browse a variety weight storage racks, including weight trees, stands and holders from top quality. You're in the right place for weights racks.
Neoprene Dumbbells in Blue color, 2 kg - 140 EGP

Neoprene Dumbbells in Blue color, 2 kg - 140 EGP

Neoprene dumbbells for Women And Men Build muscle tone, lose fat and shape your body through the use of these fixed, weight neoprene dumbbells. These fixed weight dumbbells sold in pairs ranging from 1kg – 6kg are perfect for building your home gym dumbbell set. Engineered from cast iron these hex dumbbells are then finished in a soft touch Neoprene material, allowing for extra comfort and protection with the shape stopping the dumbbells from rolling away.

Primal Kettlebells - 1Kg - 315 EGP

Primal Kettlebells - 1Kg - 315 EGP

Kettlebells are one of the primary tools we use at the gym. The search is over, the missing link in your Primal Bell collection is finally here. Introducing the Onnit Primal Bell Chimp! This 1kg to 20kg, directional kettlebell is built to awaken your primal nature and produce a savage workout and will inspire a strength in you previously thought to be mythical. Learn how to get the most out of kettlebells as part of an optimized training program.

20 kg Cast Iron Dumbbell - 460 EGP

20 kg Cast Iron Dumbbell - 460 EGP

Adjustable hand weights set (Pack of 2) for strength training in your home. Black 20 kg cast iron dumbbells with 4 premium heavy-duty spinlocks prevent the plates rattling and provide secure workout. Sleek and stunning in design the handweights come in black and silver. ▪ 2 x 14” Chrome Dumbbell bars. ▪ Cast Iron weight plates = 4 x 0.5 kg + 4 x 1.25 kg + 4 x 2.5 kg. ▪ 2 x Chrome Collars.

11 Olympic Barbell Storage - 700 EGP

11 Olympic Barbell Storage - 700 EGP

This weight bar stand is perfect for commercial settings and holds eleven 2” Olympic barbells vertically. This bar holder is made of commercial grade steel and the shape prevents tipping while loading and unloading the barbells. The small footprint frees up floor space and the attractive black finish compliments other equipment. This stand is a great alternative for fitness clubs that are not able to hang barbells on the wall and makes it easy for users to choose a bar.

Barbell Solid 20-Inch Dumbbell Handle - 300 EGP

Barbell Solid 20-Inch Dumbbell Handle - 300 EGP

Dumbbells can be used to target individual muscle groups or for a full body workout; Adding resistance to your workouts increases calories burned and muscle mass. Made of solid steel with a chrome finish; 2-inch sleeve diameter with a 28.5 handgrip diameter; Dumbbell handle weighs 9.5-pounds with straight handgrips. 70kg weight capacity; Each dumbbell handle sold individually; Includes collars. Dimensions are 19.88" L x 2.76" height x 2.76" width.

Technogym Dumbbell Set 10 Pairs - 130,000 EGP

Technogym Dumbbell Set 10 Pairs - 130,000 EGP

Technogym's new urethane-encased dumbbells are designed to offer a natural and more effective training feeling. They are highly resistant to falls and safe for use thanks to high-quality manufacturing materials and process. Available: Dumbbell Set 10 Pairs (4-22 KG), Dumbbell Set 12 Pairs (4-20 KG), Dumbbell Set 18 Pairs (4-32KG), Warranty 2 years parts and labour (5 year extension available)

Training with dumbbells is flexible


when you're holding a Dumbbell


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