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Delivery and Installati Services
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Blue Shell – Equipment Delivery and Installation

Whether you chose a single piece of fitness equipment or a full gym, our professional and caring delivery team will provide unparalleled service and exceed your expectations.

We take pride in having the right people who are experienced and properly trained to deliver and assemble your fitness equipment and provide service all the way.


This includes punctuality with scheduled delivery times, placing equipment in your place of choice, unpacking, assembling, testing, removing and disposing of all waste and packing materials.


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Our exercise equipment delivery and installation service includes:

• In 7 day delivery in Cairo and Giza.
• Complimentary delivery and set up of equipment over 20000 EGP.
• Removal of your old fitness equipment at no extra charge.
• Bonded professional Service.
• In house delivery fleet to secure reliable and prompt services

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