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Stone Table Tennis Table, Outdoor Concret
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Outdoor Table Tennis Table Clipart
Outdoor Ping Pong Egypt
Outdoor Table Tennis Tables, Concret
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Frequently Asked Questions
1) Does the table conform to International Table Tennis Federation regulations? 
The table's dimensions, matte surface, ball bounce, optional lines are all regulation. However, its corners are rounded to protect both small kids and the table itself. 


2) What is the weigh?
The tables weigh between 1370kg and 1800kg and the playing surface is 85mm thick. The concrete tables weigh as much as 1.4 tons and are shipped from the production house in Cairo to different parks.


3) What is the warranty?
All of the tables are guaranteed for 25 years against fair wear and tear ,and the paint is guaranteed for 3 years, assuming normal wear and tear consistent with table tennis play.


4) What is the delivery lead time? 
Delivery time is 6 to 9 weeks from the date of purchase order and deposit. Must be delivered, assembled and installed onto a pre-prepared site. 


5) What is the required assembly?
The tables are ‘all-in-one’ tables that are manufactured as one complete unit and therefore need no assembly, and a net. A concrete foundation and fork lift or similar lifting vehicle are necessary. Our optional foundation pad (made from reinforced concrete) replaces the need for the customer to pour their own and mount the base. Company should be handled by a licensed contractor at our installation guide. Although it is referred to as a permanent (static) table, it can still be taken apart and relocated if required. The tables will be anchored to the ground and help preserve the grounds and are ideal for safe playing on grass or soil surfaces.


6) How can I put paddles and balls in the hand of the public? 
To help the public try out a outdoor tennis table they are not used to seeing, here are suggestions. 
If bylaws permit, allow donation of equipment by a local store, carrying the retail donor's brand. A free paddle program is running in Cairo, with low theft rate. Mark the handles with "Let Me Stay and Play" or similar.  


7) What is the maintenance?

Graffiti - Removes easily with a hot power wash. You may need to re-seal the table in accordance with the sealer manufacturer's requirements and guarantee to ensure lasting performance. We use and recommend Lifetime Plus. Cold powerwash - Once a year, cold powerwash the table's horizontal surfaces. This will restore the newer appearance and remove air pollutants, dirt, grease, etc., which if allowed to remain, will eventually embed into and reduce the effectiveness of the sealer.


8) Is the ball bounce normal, like that of an indoor table?
How does the ball play feel? 

Yes, the bounce is per regulation. Parks in Egypt will soon serve as homes to these concrete outdoor. The concrete tables provide bounce physics similar to that of conventional ping pong tables with an indoor composite surface and conform to standards of the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation), save for the white center and sidelines. ie, almost identical to an indoor table.

Concrete Table Tennis Table
Table Tennis is a growing sport in the Egypt, and an equal opportunities sport at that. It can be played almost anywhere and there are few restrictions. The sport has relevance across all age groups, but has increasing relevance and credibility within the youth market. The Government has recognised this unique position and has selected Table Tennis as one of its 'priority sports' in the run up to 2020. Our goal is to get people outdoors to move, mix and meet.

Stones stand for centuries. We take nature seriously. A balance of rock and space, form and function, with curves taken from nature and physics. A sunbeam walking across the ground marks time when it shines through the big slits of stones or the marble in a park table. 

Concrete Table Tennis Table, they are fabricated from reinforced concrete and are built to withstand the extremes of the Egypt climate, as well as all the rigours of constant use. They are therefore suitable to be situated in a public open space, making them particularly suitable for schools, universities, pub-gardens, parks and campsites. The table tops are extremely smooth and beautifully finished in either blue or green and will provide many years of service for their users.

This Concrete table tennis table is extremely durable, making it perfect for outdoor playgrounds. It also provides excellent materials. The table of park is made in Egypt of high-strength materials, and displays robustness either shocks, weather or vandalism. It offers the best playing quality on the market in this category. The table can be installed in parks, next to the playground, on the terraces, in the campsites and requires little space. Which is superior in all aspects (cheaper, stronger, safer and more durable) compared to any steel or wooden table. Concrete Table is completely weatherproof and can withstand 1600 kg and is shock, fire and graffiti resistant. therefore reducing the risk of damage or vandalism.

We see the table as a singular way to bring a vigorous sport that’s already well-loved to parks, schools and public spaces, as well as backyards. The table promotes fitness and social interaction. But it can also channel private resources to financially challenged parks and schools. Blue Shell helps corporations, organizations, and individuals donate tables to parks, schools, and other institutions. The Tables increasingly prove to be a very simple, yet effective attraction to the youth spending time in schoolyards, youth clubs, parks and any other communal areas. Our outdoor concrete table tennis table is a definite contribution to increased activity and positive social behaviour.

Blue Shell Products specializes in unique, permanent concrete recreational equipment for parks, schools, entertainment venues and home use. We promotes healthy physical and social activity for all ages and physical activity levels. Everybody plays! 

Our strong background in parks and recreational resorts along with government sales makes us the only choice for permanent concrete table tennis tables in Egypt. Our focus on beauty and craftsmanship makes us the inspired choice for entertainment venues and homeowners. We see our products as a singular, way to bring a vigorous sport that's already well-loved outdoors. The table promotes fitness and social interaction, and introduces art and beauty into the egyptian public areas.

On Blue Shell the marketplace for fitness equipment, you can find an outdoor Table Tennis Tables. Reliable way for you to get for the best quality. If you are interested in the outdoor products, you can easily find a suitable for you by visiting us. In our site also you can find usefull use tips for that. For inquiry please refer to contacts.

For more details contact the head office

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Outdoor Concrete Chess Board
Blue Shell Concrete Profucts
Concrete Seating & Barriers
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We are introducing a new product for outdoor use - the Concrete Chess Table and Giant Chess, in various sizes. Chess is a recreational and competitive game and so fits well into our product range. Already a huge success in places like Hotels, clubs and Universities these tables will bring culture and pleasure to your park, school or in any public space. We now offer simple but effective seats and tables in different forms. 

All Types Of Concrete Products:

• Concrete Table Tennis Tables
• Giant Chess
• Chess Tables
• Concrete Chairs
• Concrete Tables
• Barriers (Concrete garden barriers)
• Paving (Concrete paving stones)
• Slabbing (Concrete slab floors)

Also we are introducing a new products for garden use - the Barriers, Paving and Slabbing. All our products will be fixed into the ground with a solid concrete base By some of the arrangements.

Concrete Stone Ping Pong Tables - 95,000 EGP

Concrete Stone Ping Pong Tables - 95,000 EGP

The concrete Ping Pong table is an exceedingly elegant modern ping pong table - designed for outdoor use. This concrete ping pong table has been designed to withstand most weather conditions, making it an ideal focal point for any outdoor entertainment area. Specifications Dimensions: • Dimension (W-D-H): 275 x153 x76 cm • Top Pieces (W-D): 153 x137 cm / 60x54 in • Standard Top: 4 cm / 1.5 in

Concrete Table For a Game Of Chess - 32,000 GGP

Concrete Table For a Game Of Chess - 32,000 GGP

Chess table and 2 stools made from reinforced concrete, tabletop measuring 85 x85 cm, chess box made of granite thickness of 2-3 cm. Seat surface made from wood. Specifications: • Colour: Natural concrete • Dimensions (L x W x H): 167 x 67 x 70 cm • Seat height: 50cm • Height tabletop: 70cm • Weight: 840kg • Number of seats: 2

Core Rectangular Seating Block.

Core Rectangular Seating Block.

The Core Rectangular concrete blocks provide simple independent seating units. The design allows for clustered or informal seating to be formed - perfect for schools & other education campuses. There are three sizes of unit. OUTLINE SPECIFICATIONS: Length Width Height 2 Person 655kg 1350 450 450 3 Person 1100kg 1800 600 450 4 Person 864kg 2000 400 450

Outdoor Ping Pong Stone Table, Culture,
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