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Rehabilitation Exercise Equipment
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Physiotherapy  Products
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Cardiac Rehab Exercise Equipment:

1- Medical Rehabilitation Treadmill       
2- Stationary Bike Physical Therapy (Upright & Recumbent)
3- Elliptical Trainers Machines  
4- Ergometers (Upper Body Ergometers & Recumbent Bikes)
5- Steppers (Stair Steppers & Accessories)
6- Mini Pedal Exercisers
7- Heart Rate Monitors
8- Whole Body Vibration Machine

Shell Egypt is a leading sold of innovative and affordable products for Cardiac Rehab, Health, Fitness, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy and Active Aging. We specialize in exercise equipment adapted for rehab strength and cardio exercise programs in rehab clinics, hospitals rehab gyms, seniors residences, all-inclusive gyms, and at home. 


What is the best rehab cardio equipment?
Choosing the right piece of exercise equipment for rehabilitation programs differs,  Rehab programs often need to take into consideration factors such as low starting speed, accessibility and needs for disabled people, handles and grab bars strategically positionned to increase safety. Product quality and reliability is our greatest focal points. Hence we take atmost care in selecting the best brands of physiotherapy equipment. 

Exercise Bands, Tubing & Balls:
1- Exercise Balls
2- Exercise Tubing & Bands
3- Exercise Kits & Accessories

Lower Extremity Exercises:
1- Rebounders & Exercise Trampolines
2- Stretching Equipment & Straps

Balance & Total Body Conditioning:
1- Balance & Stability Trainers
2- Exercise & Workout Mats

Strength Training Equipment:
1- Weights & Dumbbells
2- Medicine Balls
3- Cuff Weights & Weight Vests

Total Body Exercise Equipment:
1- Work Hardening Equipment
2- Stepper

Buy Rehabilitation and Therapy Equipment
Rehabilitation and therapy equipment is mainly used in physiotherapy practices. Usual tests which are performed in these practices are e.g. manual muscle tests, electronic tests, perception and sensorial tests as well as measurements of joint movements. The therapy will only be performed by physiotherapists, but he or she can’t decide about the necessity of a physiotherapeutic treatment. The orthopedist or neurologist who treats the patient decides if a physiotherapeutic treatment is reasonable. The treatment normally takes place in the practice. There can be found a lot of different equipment e.g. massage tables, gymnastics mats, balls, ballkissen and ribbons.


Which kinds of treatment with rehabilitation and therapy equipment are used in physiotherapy?
There are several diagnosis and measurement systems to measure special movement values to decide which treatment will be most effective. 


The following are some popular treatment methods in physiotherapy:
1- Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)
The EMS training is done on a popular rehabilitation and therapy equipment which supports the growth of muscles.
2- Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy operates on rehabilitation and therapy equipment using voltage. Chosen parts of the body will be flown through by direct current and alternating current.
3- Hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy is a treatment with water using rehabilitation or therapy equipment. It works by using the temperature stimulus (ice water, cold water, warm water, hot water). Additionally medical training equipment like leg presses are possible.
4- Loop Therapy
Patients treated by the loop therapy are hanging their calf or other parts of the body into a loop to train back, abdominal and glute muscles.
5- Heat and Cryotherapy
The heat therapy and the cryotherapy are two similar kinds of therapy. The heat therapy also uses ultrasonic therapy methods. The patient gets treated with local heat e.g. mud packs like fango, infrared cabins and hyperthermal baths. Cryotherapy uses local cold packs to ease pain and reduce swellings.


Buy rehabilitation and therapy equipment
If you want to buy rehabilitation and therapy equipment, you can find a wide range of therapy products on Blue Shell. You can also buy your rehabilitation equipment and therapy equipment like practice furnishing, medical training equipment, diagnosis and measurement systems, infrared cabins and more.

Arm and Leg Exerciser Pedal - 850 EGP

Arm and Leg Exerciser Pedal - 850 EGP

Portable bike mini exercise bike for arm and leg, mini bike for physical therapy is very usefull and effective exercise bike for both male and females of any age. Provide gentle low impact exercise for muscle toning during physiotherapy. Can be used as an arm exerciser or leg exerciser. Adjust the strength of your therapy based on your needs, it is safe & stable. Made with single strong chrome frame construction to avoid wobbly structure. Exerciser pedal exercise portable bike.

Heart Rate Monitor, Transmitter with Elastic Strap - 1,350 EGP

Heart Rate Monitor, Transmitter with Elastic Strap - 1,350 EGP

Heart rate monitors are very important for patients in rehabilitative and physical therapies. For people recuperating from long-term illnesses or injuries, heart rate monitor watch will assist them as well as their therapists as they progress through treatment aimed at returning them to optimum health. Exercise therapy is by far the most effective approach to this and heart rate monitors will help track and gauge a patient’s return to wellness.

Recumbent Bikes, Fluid Upper Body Ergometer - 42,500 EGP

Recumbent Bikes, Fluid Upper Body Ergometer - 42,500 EGP

An Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) engages virtually every muscle in the upper body. As a warm-up for resistance training, it provides better activation of the upper torso than traditional alternatives. When used in the standing position, the UBE engages all core muscles of the mid section. It is also widely used in the rehabilitation of many injuries and as a general exercise apparatus for those in wheelchairs. Buy Fluid Upper Body Ergometer online.

Treadmill with handrails Tread - 38,500 EGP

Treadmill with handrails Tread - 38,500 EGP

The rehabilitation treadmill is designed and manufactured for aged care, seniors, retirement homes, rehab and physiotherapists. Improve cardiovascular health & streamline Your exercise with the treadmill with handrails tread. Reduce joint impact in every step with the shock absorption technology that is embedded on the low deck treadmill. Treadmill can accommodate up to 130kg. The handrails are adjustable and are padded for extra grip and comfort.

PT Parallel Bars, Physiotherapy Equipment - 24,900 EGP

PT Parallel Bars, Physiotherapy Equipment - 24,900 EGP

Walking bars are the ideal complement to the available treatments. Whether in the gym, in the physical therapy as a separate training system or at home. Iindividual settings for height, width & angle of the handrails are crucial for best results & they have to be quickly & easily. Hardwood platform has a satin finish with tapered ends to allow access to the wheelchair at the end of the session. This has two anti-slip treads on each ends to provide secure transfer off of platform.

Posturomed Equipment for Practices - 28,000 EGP

Posturomed Equipment for Practices - 28,000 EGP

The posturomed compact for neuro-orthopaedic therapy. Balance & procoordination Training improves neuromuscular coordination & are becoming ever more popular for prevention, fitness and rehabilitation, a change in control of the nervous system is often the cause of poor posture. The Posturomed Compact is a sensorimotor device for prevention, therapy and findings, not only in athletes but also patients receiving joint replacements.

Using ultrasound to help people walk aga

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